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Massage sessions are performed in a private, comfortable massage room in Ronda's home in Wilmette, Illinois.

Services and Fees

60 Minute Massage $90
90 Minute Massage $140
30 Minute Massage $50

Gift Certificates are available.

For initial visits, there will be additional time spent filling out the health form and planning the session, plus time afterwards to answer questions, provide feedback and suggestions for the future.

E-mail Ronda: rkkorzon@aol.com

Potential Benefits of Massage

Integumentary System (Skin): stimulates sensory receptors; increases superficial circulatory system; removes dead skin.

Connective Tissue: improves pliability of fascia; separates tissues

Circulatory System: enhances venous return; increases local circulation; reduces blood pressure.

Muscular System: relaxes muscles; relieves myofascial trigger points; releases metabolic waste into venous and lymph flow.

Skeletal System: increases joint mobility and flexibility.

Nervous System: stimulates parasympathetic nervous system; increases body awareness; reduces pain.

Endocrine System: releases endorphins

Immune System: increases lymphatic flow; improves immune function by lowering stress reduction.

Digestive System: aids in digestion through relaxation; stimulates movement within large intestine.

Mental Effects: increases mental clarity

Emotional Effects: reduces anxiety; release of unexpressed emotion; promotes general feeling of well being.

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