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Im a massage therapist with a strong foundation in both Western and Eastern massage. As a graduate of the prestigious Chicago School of Massage Therapy I have a thorough working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and muscle pathology. I also have extensive training in Thai Massage and Clinical bodywork.

Whether you are looking for stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief or addressing a specific injury or chronic condition, I create a treatment program to address your specific needs using all the methods I have at my disposal including Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Thai Bodywork and Thermal Therapy.

A session wouldnt be complete without my recommendations for specific static and active stretches to maintain healthy connective tissue and insure unlimited range of motion wherever possible. My intention is to help you achieve balance and sustain an overall feeling of well being!

Here is what a few of my clients have to say:

Ronda has the best hands of any massage therapist Ive met, and Ive met a lot! Im 80 years old and have been getting massages once a week all my life.
-- Hedie K

I love how Ronda can identify my issues and fix them!
-- Jodi U.

I have gone to Ronda for several issues over the last ten years, including back, neck and hip discomfort. She is always able to identify my muscular issues and relieve my pain. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and has very intuitive hands. I feel more relaxed just walking into her treatment room."
-- Jordan S.

Ronda is also a Reiki practicioner.

Previously, Ronda was the program manager and a black belt instructor at the Traditional Karate Center in Wilmette, teaching traditional Japanese karate to students of all ages. Under the direction of Sensei Jordan Scott, Ronda has been training since 1994. She now lives in Wilmette, Illinois with her husband and three children.


E-mail Ronda: rkkorzon@aol.com

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