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Ronda has been my massage therapist before and after several athletic related injuries and surgeries. She has an uncanny ability to release habitually tight muscles. Ronda's deep understanding of the human body and a variety of methods makes her versatile; able to address whatever I walk in with. A weekly massage has become part of my life and I have no doubt keeps me strong and moving.
-- Amy K.

Ronda is a highly talented massage therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the body and listens carefully to assess exactly what I need. She was instrumental in helping me heal from a painful back injury. Now that the pain is gone, I enjoy the massages for relaxation. Her office is beautiful, peaceful and inviting. Ronda is committed to helping her clients and truly cares about their wellbeing.
-- Gina P.

I've worked with Ronda for years and can attest that she's unwittingly set the bar high for any other massage therapist who comes in contact with my body. She's technically brilliant, has a targeted touch and a calm, gentle demeanor that makes the experience a healing, beautiful one. And even though the knots are gone, I'm often sad when it's over.
-- Karen S.

Every time I visit Ronda, I feel like I am transported to a caring cocoon. She knows exactly what my body needs to recover from my training as a triathlete. I leave refreshed and healthier both mentally and physically.
-- Rhonda K.

Ronda is inherently intuitive and gifted. She is skilled, knowledgeable, open, driven and a natural healer incorporating multiple modalities creating a personal experience.
-- Daniel S.

Ronda respects the body and understands injury. I know she'll just get it when I come in with a sore back, neck etc... and I'm confident I'll leave relieved of my pain. She gives a great massage and sometimes does some Thai massage at the end.
-- Wendy S.

Ronda has a touch that is both firm and kind. She understands the body, the mind and the heart.Ronda has been working with me for over 12 years and it has been a wonderful experience knowing her both personally and professionally. Her passion for helping and passing along her strong energy is evident. I walk away each and every time with a strong heart, limber muscles and an overall wonderful feeling. I would recommend Ronda to anyone who is interested in a beautiful experience. Enjoy each moment with Ronda, you deserve it!
-- Stacy L.




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